CPU Cooling


Defeat heat created by your processor and allow for improved operation with the A30 by Antec

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With Pure Rock, be quiet! presents a CPU cooler series aimed at the Essential category of PC systems. Bringing be quiet!’s award-winning technology to quiet multimedia and graphics systems, and entry level computers of all types, be quiet!

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Hyper T4 is a budget-conscious, direct contact heatpipes, quick-maintenance CPU cooler with a huge value for performance.


The Hyper 103 is an affordable mainstream heatsink that delivers great cooling performance


MassCool 9T288B1M3G CPU Fan For 478pin Intel Pentium 4/Celeron

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Spire Blue Grease Paste


Spire SilverGrease Large is a high performance, silver based composite thermal interface material designed to maximize heat transfer from processors to heat-sink enabling you to get more cooling performance!


SP530S0 Spire Minato Socket 775 CPU Cooler – The Minato is the selection for the cost driven pc systems of today.

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The StarFlow is a quality engineered CPU cooler with an omni-directional low profile heat-sink. Cooled down by a medium speed, 90x25mm fan for sufficient airflow.

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The Spire Storm CPU Cooler Series are designed with the price cautious user in mind.


An outstanding performance air cooler with heat-pipe direct touch CPU, LOKI II creates most efficient heat conduction. LOKI II combines 92mm PWM fan, F6 heat-pipe and universal retention module design.

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