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Gembird Comfortable gel mouse pad with wrist rest

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3-button optical mouse with scroll wheel

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Gembird Standard USB Keyboard KB-U-103, Black


Gembird USB Keyboard with Maltese Layout

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Most smaller laptops are not equipped with a keypad. However, when you are working with spreadsheet, accounting or financial applications, a NumPad is indispensable.


Gembird USB Optical Mouse Black MUS-102


Gembird Wireless desktop keyboard & mouse set, US layout, black

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Every ambitious gamer needs a keyboard with features gameplay facilitating functions, such as Anti-Ghosting or functional keys, and will additionally look great thanks to high quality backlighting and a unique shape.


Genius KB-06XE USB Keyboard (Black)

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HP C6010 Wireless Desktop Keyboard with Mouse

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The slim HP Wireless Desktop C6400 adds to the style of your HP Slate21 with its matching color mouse and keyboard, and brings extra convenience with a key layout specifically optimized for Android.

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The HP Keyboard K1500 includes all the elements you’re looking for to increase your productivity with improved and updated features.

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