This USB Cable by Delock enables the connection between a device with a USB Type-A connector and a PC or a Laptop equipped with a free USB port


This power cable enables you to convert the interface of the common ATX power supplies into the SATA format for the power supply of 2 SATA drives.

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The Delock USB Sound adapter 7.1 expands your computer by one additional Soundcard. Just plug the adapter to a free USB port of your notebook or PC and connect your headset or speaker to it. Using a headset it is especially suitable for skype

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Using the Delock HDMI switch you can use up to 2 HDMI devices on one HDMI monitor, TV or beamer etc. The automatic function enables the switch to select always the latest used device automatically after switching on the devices.


Delock Adapter Displayport male > HDMI female

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This gender Changer by Delock enables you to change the VGA female port into a male port.

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Delock Adapter VGA 15pin female > DVI 24+5 male

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Delock Adapter DVI 24+5 female > VGA 15pin male


Delock Adapter DVI-25pin male > HDMI female with LED

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Delock Cable Video Scart output > VGA input 2m


Delock Adapter DVI-I (Dual Link) male to DVI-I (Dual Link) and VGA female


This adapter by Delock enables you to connect a common headset with two 3.5 mm stereo jack male connectors with standard 3 pin pin assignment to your Smartphone or tablet with 3.5 mm 4 pin stereo jack female port.

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