Gamdias 6 Key Gaming Mouse Zeus E2 + Mouse Mat – Smaller and lighter, makes you faster. ZEUS E2 is the weapon just born for winner.


The ZEUS M3 + NYX E1 Gaming Combo offers a consistent and accurate speed-tracking functionality, a Non-Skid Rubber-Back Gaming Mousemat for increased operational efficiency, and 13 Integrated Addressable RGB Lighting Effects at your disposal


ZEUS M2 gaming mice offers consistently accurate tracking, 1,000 Hz refresh rate, eight configurable buttons, and super-responsive switches.


3 in 1 fan pack suits your need just in one box. AEOLUS M1-1403R comes with remote controller and AEOLUS Box? to enrich your customizing experience by simple wire connection and buttons.


AEOLUS M2-1201 enriches your gaming experience with not merely the extraordinary cooling performance but also an extra 4-pin peripheral and the instant vivid lighting effects.

110.00 85.00

The APOLLO E2 Elite inherits the same front dual 200mm ARGB Trio ring fans and with the new added swinging tempered glass side panel is out to impress.

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ARGUS E1 has a very simple design philosophy: A Mid -tower case, the front eye-catching rainbow RGB lighting and hair line, Together, they add up to show off your own unique style.


The ARGUS E4 ELITE WH is a white mid-tower case that improves on the ARGUS E4 with a tempered glass side panel swing door along with an increase in overall capacity and compatibility, making it one of the best budget cases on the market.

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ARGUS E4 has a straight concept of the design: A Mid -tower case, the front eye-catching rainbow RGB lighting and panoramic tempered glass side panel. All together, they add up to show off a unique style of your own.

75.00 49.95

ARGUS E5 is a stylish mid-tower case with a diagonal RGB streaming light with a vibrant underglow beneath the panel, and a panoramic tempered glass side panel to show off the built-in ARGB fan and the beauty of your build.

99.00 69.95

The ATHENA E1 ELITE is one of the most economically competitive mid-tower mesh case. A unique and modish front panel with a mesh design for high heat dissipation along with a built-in 120mm ARGB fan, magnetic dust filter and seamless tempered glass window


The BOREAS M1 610 is a high-performance CPU air cooler with dual ring style ARGB lighting.

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