USB / Serial / PS2


Club 3D USB 3.1 Type C to USB 3.0 Type A Adapter


This USB Cable by Delock enables the connection between a device with a USB Type-A connector and a PC or a Laptop equipped with a free USB port


This Adapter by Delock can be used for the connection of a USB device with USB Type-C interface and a standard USB Type-A port.


This USB 2.0 cable by Delock enables you to connect different USB devices, e.g. printer or scanner etc. to a free USB port.


This cable by Delock enables you to extend the USB 2.0 interface by 3m.


This USB 2.0 Cable by Delock enables you to connect different devices with USB mini 5 pin interface


This USB cable by Delock is made for an active extension of your USB port by 5m and can be extended up to 25m by using additional extension cables.


This cable enables you to connect devices with USB micro-B connection e.g. mobile phones or digital cameras to a free USB2.0 port.

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The USB 2.0 cable by Delock enables you to connect active USB devices with USB-B interface, e.g. printer, external HDD enclosure etc. to a free USB-A port.


Delock Cable USB micro-B male > USB 2.0-A female OTG 50 cm


This cable by Delock can be plugged to the Micro USB 3.0 female port of your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and connect e.g. HDDs, memory sticks etc. with standard USB interface.

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