Aula Dawnguard Gaming Mechanical USB Keyboard

Aula Dawnguard Gaming Mechanical USB Keyboard


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Compromise is key. But it doesn’t have to be! There comes a time in every gamer’s life when a decision has to be made: quality or quantity? Do you buy yourself a whole brand-new setup with questionable quality items, or do you splurge on one high quality product at a time? The new AULA Dawnguard keyboard was designed to finally end this inner debate. A sturdy metal body, mechanical keys, noticeable tactile and audible feedback has never been so accessible! And just to sweeten the deal: customizable rainbow backlight, 50 million keystroke lifespan and dedicated AULA software for all custom settings fans! No one should start their brand-new gaming setup with a compromise – AULA Dawnguard is here to save the day!

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