CoolerMaster MasterBox E500L Silver Side Window

Sleek design without compromise on performance and functionality. The front slide panel hides your I/O ports, but keeps it easy to access when needed.

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SKU: MCB-E500L-KA5N-S02.

Product Description

The Cooler Master MasterBox K500L delivers form and function for all types of use. A full size acrylic window offer a comprehensive system view, complimented by two pre-installed 120mm red LED fans to give a sleek and aggressive look. 

The covers on the frame and PSU shroud offer extra customization while keeping builds clean from cables. The airflow has been optimised due to the semi-meshed front panel and ventilation holes on top of the case. 

The front supports up to three 120mm or two 140mm fans and up to a 280mm radiator. The Rear supports a 120mm fan or radiator. 

It comes with two pre-installed 120mm LED fan in the front and a single 120mm fan in the rear. All to ensure you don't have to compromise on performance.


  • Efficient Thermal Performance: A partial meshed front panel and ventilation holes on top of the case give your parts fresh air to breathe.
  • Lighting Effects: Stand out and be unique through LED strip in front. Your case will never be unremarkable.
  • Versatile Cooling Options: Support for up to six 120mm fans and front and rear liquid cooling ensure you don’t have to compromise on performance.
  • Graphics Card Support Up To 400mm: Supports the latest, widest cards you can get.
  • Stay Black, Stay Neat: Let your system stand out with a full black coating and PSU cover.
  • Cable Management: The PSU cover and 19mm width space behind the mainboard tray gives you plenty of cable management options to keep your build nice and clean.

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