Delock 65658 DVI-D male to VGA Female Convertor

This adapter by Delock enables you to connect e.g. your VGA monitor to the DVI interface of your computer. The adapter converts the digital signals from the DVI port into analogue signals for the VGA monitor.

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Product Description

• Connector:
  DVI-D (Single Link) 24+1 male >
  VGA 15 pin female
• Chipset: Lontium LT8511
• VGA port with screw nuts
• DVI connector with screws
• Cable diameter: ca. 5.5 mm
• Cable gauge: 32 AWG
• Resolution up to 1920 x 1200 / 1080p @ 60 Hz (depends on your monitor
  and your system)
• Cable length ca. 16 cm without connector
• 1 x ferrite core
• Colour: black
• OS independent, no driver installation necessary 


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