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Allsop 06490 Metal Art Junior Monitor Riser Stand

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Allsop Metal Art Junior Monitor Stand – Pearl Black

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Raising your monitor or TV to a proper height is the key to achieving a comfortable and ergonomic viewing angle, and the Metal Art Junior monitor stand can help you optimise your monitor or TV placement.

Increasing your monitor height as recommended by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) with a Metal Art Junior stand can help prevent possible neck and back fatigue and provide better ergonomic viewing. The Metal Art Junior features a unique design that organises your workspace while providing valuable storage space underneath for your keyboard, laptop, or office supplies. The stand also has a vented platform surface for passive airflow to keep your devices cool.

All-steel construction and a sleek powder coated finish set the Metal Art Jr. apart from the competition. The minimalist styling works for any type of décor and its 18 kg/40 lbs capacity is designed to hold the weight of modern monitors and TV’s. The metal legs are fitted with non-skid protective feet to protect your furniture.

The Metal Art Jr Stand was developed in the USA at Allsop’s Bellingham, WA research facility. Over one million Metal Art units have been sold, and Allsop continues to be a leader in the design of stylish, functional, and durable consumer products.