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Panasonic DJ Headphones DJS200 White


Panasonic RP-DJS200E Stylish DJ Street Headphones – White

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Brand: Panasonic
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Headphones are not only a listening device, but also a fashion statement and the DJS200 series will be the best option to fulfil those needs with its great
sound and urban aesthetics. Unique Colouring Panasonic’s design team have created the DJS200 headphones so they are visually appealing when being
used and also when hung around the neck. The combination of vivid colours makes the model really stand out on the street.

To make it ideal for outside usage, Panasonic has adapted the swivel mechanism to DJS200, this makes the model hand-portable and also highlights the
double colouring of housing when the model is hung around the neck.The reversable housing allows for single sided monitoring and the convenient travel-fold
design allows maximum portability.

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