Repair Center

As a company we offer a reliable and efficient service to all our customers.

We are able to help you out in all your computer needs… Is you PC slow or infected with a Virus, Are you a victim of Spyware or adware? You can’t connect to the internet or your computer is restarting… Don’t panic… PCWise is here to help! We do repairs on all Brands and also on Laptops.

Feel free to call us on 21412788 and we will be ready to offer you the service you require. PCWise offers you a unique opportunity where we collect the PC from your home and deliver it back at no extra charge.

Our qualified technicians can surely help in whatever problem you have related to computers. We offer various kinds of repairs according to your needs and also depending on the kind of problem which you have. We offer:

  • Computer repairs in 24hours
  • On-site support – we will come to repair it right there!
  • Internet Installation
  • Virus Removal
  • PC Cleanups
  • Networks
  • Upgrades
  • Windows reinstallation

Service Packages

PCWise Windows Reinstallation
(includes full format)
OS windows system problems, including re installation and further checks. Back ups, driver installation, pickup and delivery are inclusive in price €60
PCWise Onsite Internet Setup Setup of internet connection including ADSL and Cable, modem dial ups, troubleshooting and connection speed check €30
PCWise Backup Backup of data, e-mails, internet, network, music and pictures €20
PCWise Checkup * A PC Check up for Viruses and removal, Windows online update, HD clean up, unused software clean up, driver updates, defragmentation, scandisk €30
PCWise Upgrades Upgrades of hardware, labour costs and does not include hardware/parts €20
PCWise Network 1 ** Installation of internet connection sharing and small office network not more than 2 pc €40
PCWise Rush Repair
(one hour minimum)
We will be at your home / office within 30 minutes. This service is available 24 Hours €65 / HR
PCWise Onsite repair/upgrade
(one hour minimum)
We also offer the facility to upgrade / repair the pc at your own premises €40 / HR
PCWise Web Design Fresh new ideas, look and feel websites done at PCWise POR
PCWise Software installation
(one hour minimum)
PCWise Software installation €30
Services come with free delivery, VAT inc and free support. Parts are not included.

* PCWise Service charge is included in repair cost; charged separately only when no repair is authorized.

** Network repairs / troubleshooting are available at €35 /hour.

PCWise Malta recommends regular data backup and assume no responsibility for lost data.


Software Issues

Please be advised that software issues are not covered under manufacturer’s warranty, nor under any maintenance contracts. For any software issues that require reinstallation, including operating system software, the customer will need to provide or purchase appropriate licensed software.